Mesa Moments Patrice McKenna

Patrice McKenna

Patrice McKenna has over 20 years of service as both an elementary and junior high school teacher. She displays great teamwork and leadership in and out of the classroom. She consistently provides effective and sensitive leadership through knowledge, example and selflessness. She organized, designed and coordination Mesa’s Farm Day.

Patrice is very creative and innovative with her lesson plans and curriculum which include 6th grade science, social studies, and the agriculture elective class. She has effectively implemented the curriculum as well as building and maintaining a vegetable garden and chicken coop that supplies food for the cafeteria.

Patrice’s commitment and dependability is second to none. She invests a lot of time and money here at Mesa for both the students as well as the rest of the community. She comes in regularly to work on the weekend and stays late at night to handle her work load and to take care of the chickens.

Lastly Patrice still finds time for community service and is actively involved in the Hokaloa Paddling Club.