Master Plan


Mesa campus was first built almost 80 years ago. Antique fixtures around campus show just how old the site is. So if our fixtures and equipment are antiques our infrastructure is as well. These outdated buildings need important health and safety repairs. Additional work is needed to meet handicap accessibility and earthquake standards, replace old restrooms and leaky roofs, upgrade fire alarms and security systems, and improve plumbing and electrical wiring to conserve water and energy.

HVAC System

Many Mesa classrooms lack air conditioning, making classrooms extremely uncomfortable on hot days. Even classrooms with existing air conditioning systems are near their end of life with outdated parts. By installing modern energy efficient air conditioning systems, Mesa will help improve learning by making sure classrooms are always comfortable and ventilated.


Securing the Mesa campus with exterior fencing and creating a one way entrance onto campus to create safer learning environment. Safety, security, and ADA improvements are needed to bring the campus update on current standards.

MUSD Needs Assessment


The bond measure is subject to strict accountability requirements, including a public expenditure plan, independent annual audits and review of all spending by an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee. No money can be spent on administrator salaries, and all funds must be used locally to improve Mesa School.