1000 – Community Relations

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Board Approved

1000BPConcepts and Roles10/9612/03
1020BPYouth Services7/08 2/09
1100BPCommunication with the Public3/11 8/11
1112BPMedia Relations7/199/19
1113BPDistrict and School Web Sites10/1701/18
1113ARDistrict and School Web Sites10/1701/18
1113EDistrict and School Web Sites10/2012/20
1114BPDistrict-Sponsored Social Media7/1112/11
1114ARDistrict-Sponsored Social Media7/1112/11
1150BPCommendations and Awards7/10 10/10
1160BPPolitical Processes9/2311/23
1220BPCitizen Advisory Committees7/074/08
1220ARCitizen Advisory Committees12/232/24
1230BPSchool-Connected Organizations5/169/16
1230ARSchool-Connected Organizations5/169/16
1240BPVolunteer Assistance12/143/15
1240ARVolunteer Assistance12/14 4/15
1250ARVisitors/Outsiders7/10 10/10
1260BPEducational Foundation7/07 4/08
1312.1BPComplaints Concerning District Employees8/198/19
1312.1ARComplaints Concerning District Employees8/198/19
1312.2BPComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials3/064/07
1312.2ARComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials3/06 4/07
1312.2EComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials3/06 4/07
1312.3BPUniform Complaint Procedures12/202/21
1312.3ARUniform Complaint Procedures6/2110/21
1312.4ARWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures6/229/22
1312.4EWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures6/229/22
1313BPCivility Policy6/219/21
1321BPSolicitation of Funds From and By Students7/0312/03
1321ARSolicitation of Funds From and By Students7/03 12/03
1325BPAdvertising and Promotion12/173/18
1330BPUse of School Facilities9/2311/23
1330ARUse of School Facilities9/2311/23
1330EUse of School Facilities4/13 6/13
1330.1BPJoint Use Agreements2/10 7/13
1340BPAccess to District Records5/208/20
1340ARAccess to District Records5/208/20
1400BPRelations between Other Gov. Agencies and Schools7/18 9/18
1700BPRelations between Private Industry and the Schools3/08 6/08